Why should I use a Registered Piano Technician (RPT) to service my piano?

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Why should I use a Registered Piano Technician (RPT)

to service my piano?


Let me begin to answer this by saying that there are many good and excellent technicians out there who aren’t affiliated with the Piano Technicians Guild (where RPT’s reside), though why they aren’t often puzzles me. I’ve heard and read many excuses for not joining the Guild, and may have even used some of them myself before I joined 25 years ago. Yet, all of these rejoinders seem to pale in comparison to the benefits of membership, even for those who wish to remain at the Associate level or, for one reason or another, don’t desire to take the challenging tests for the Craftsman (RPT) level. Possibly the biggest benefit might be that any member can take advantage of the local chapter meetings and gain knowledge, experience, and support from other fellow technicians.

What is the Piano Technician’s Guild?

The PTG was formed in 1957 when the American Society of Piano Technicians and the National Association of Piano Tuners merged to form a single organization.

From the Home Office in Kansas City:

“The Piano Technician’s Guild (PTG), the official organization of the Registered Piano Technician, is the world’s premier source of expertise in piano service and technology. The PTG has over 4,100 members throughout the U.S., Canada, and around the world…Registered Piano Technicians are professionals who have committed themselves to the continual pursuit of excellence, both in technical service and ethical conduct. Through affiliation with other technicians, manufacturers, suppliers and associations, RPT’s continue to enhance their knowledge and skills….A Registered Piano Technician® (RPT) has passed a series of rigorous examinations on maintenance, repair, and tuning of pianos.”

The Piano Technicians Guild has set the bar, the standard of excellence in our field. An RPT has met the Guild’s standard via their rigorous testing. Therefore, the RPT is your guarantee of excellence in the field of piano technology.

When I began servicing pianos at the age of 13, I had an aim to become the best that I could be in this field, and the PTG helped me to fulfill that goal. I’m still learning, having realized that this noble “pursuit of making harmony out of chaos” is never-ending.

For more on the Piano Technicians Guild, visit their site:  www.ptg.org