In Memorium – Matt Wilkie

It is with sadness that I learned, after nearly a year’s delay, of the passing of one of my greatest business partners in New York – Matt Wilkie, of Huntington, Long Island, whose work you see throughout this website. I used Matt exclusively for my last 5 years in NY, for good reason. He was meticulous and a perfectionist (much like myself), always worked well with me, and I can never say enough about the finished product. Matt was “old school” – his hand-rubbed finishes imparting my ideal of beauty on wood (and like silk to the touch!) – but at the same time he was always improving his work with any worthy refinishing products and techniques that came to market. I like to think that Matt’s soul truly shines through in the depth, clarity, and beauty of his work, and with that in mind, I am proud to display that work here as a testament to Matt’s artistry. To his family, my deepest sympathies, and know that Matt’s legacy lives on here and in the many homes blessed with the presence of his work.
Bravo, Matt – from me you will always get a standing ovation!

Matt Wilkie 1963-2013 Rest in Peace, My Friend
Matt Wilkie
Rest in Peace, My Friend