A Huge, Big Hearty Shoutout of Love to my daughter, Beth Young, for all her work on this website – what would I have done without you, darling?

Thanks and Love to daughters Shana, Riv, and their families and to my wife, Vicki, for all your love, support, and understanding – Like it or not, you guys helped make me what I am today, in spite of myself!

Thanks to Jerry Gravina, RPT, for taking over the helm for me in NY, allowing me to make a graceful exit from my faithful clientele there -for whom I’m also grateful. Happy Sailing!

Thanks to Shane Owenby, for welcoming me to Asheville with the most open arms and the kindest of hearts – I’ll always be indebted to you!

To Mom & Dad – even though you’re both no longer with us in body, I thank you always for your enduring patience with me – at 13 years of age – watching our beloved 1911 O.W. Weurtz upright being scattered in carefully labelled pieces all over the playroom floor for months and months. You must have trusted that something good would come of it, for years later I noticed you both beaming when I brought you to see Dave Brubeck play on the Steinway I prepared for him…

And yes, I MUST also thank older bro Clayton – After all, this is all YOUR fault! If you hadn’t cursed so much at that old machine every time you sat down to try to play it, I probably wouldn’t have been so inspired to try to fix it!