What should I do if my piano is “really, most sincerely, dead?”

As First Officer Spock might say, “It’s [piano] Life, Jim, but not as we know it…”

If your piano technician has made the final determination to cut off life support for your piano, your beloved instrument may still find use through up-cycling, going “where no other piano has gone before,” as shown in this delightful reclamation of an old English upright my wife and I discovered a few years ago in a charming Scottish B&B.

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The old instrument now doubles as a combination wine rack and silverware drawer. I couldn’t resist the chance to sit down and play the spoons!

I’ve also seen old uprights converted into beautiful desks, and various case parts turned into other useful objets d’art… it does make me shed a tear or two to see the beautiful craftsmanship of yesteryear sent off to some landfill when some other use may be made of it. If you have such a lovely creature that you wish to dispose of, consider contacting local artists who might be delighted to up-cycle the remains.